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Post by innerflight » Wed Jun 13, 2018 10:46 pm

Does anyone have experience of these kind of (proper) auctions? its on tomorrow

Its worth a scan through the catalogue for the pr0n alone :drool2: ... june-2018/
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Re: Auctions

Post by Laservampire » Wed Jun 13, 2018 11:45 pm

Shit that Buzzaround!
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Re: Auctions

Post by Lee » Thu Jun 14, 2018 1:41 am

Yeah that Buzzaround, Hiwatt 100 and Marshalls. Never seen some of those guitars before. Awesome Pron
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Doc Holliday
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Re: Auctions

Post by Doc Holliday » Thu Jun 14, 2018 9:55 am

I may have put in a bid on a particular item for today’s auction! :whistle:
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Re: Auctions

Post by daCod » Thu Jun 14, 2018 4:01 pm

holy shit!!!
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Re: Auctions

Post by fendersilver » Thu Jun 14, 2018 8:17 pm



“Oh, my goodness gracious!"
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Re: Auctions

Post by jagermonster » Thu Jun 14, 2018 9:00 pm

those 60s P-basses.
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