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Acid Doom

For those whose sole intent is to crush all under foot, whilst maintaining an air of psychedelic finesse. The Emanating Fist Electronics, Black Dust. Presented with only a single control for master volume and internally pre-set for maximum fuzz and drive, the Black Dust is capable of delivering a mighty tonal assault to your speakers with just the stomp of a switch.
The conveyed fuzz tone is heavy yet tight with a broad full ranging equalization offering excellent dynamic interaction with your guitar and amplifier. Tonally, the Dust will satisfy yearnings for archaic and primal Acid Rock flavours, but is equally capable of crushing & mind-altering Funeral Doom style fuzz and saturation. The rugged overblown format goes hand in hand with the dominating and powerful sonic presence this pedal will deliver.

Take a hit, breathe deep, begin your addiction to fuzz with the Emanating Fist Electronics Black Dust. Your gateway drug...


The original concept. The things I did to the Fuzz Face circuit and design circa 2004 to arrive at the Meathead, whilst maintaining the classic feel and equalization footprint of a vintage unit.
Construction is simple and effective, with a solid bulletproof design that offers excellent longevity and supreme performance. Each unit is passionately assembled, finely tuned and biased for optimum psychedelic Armageddon, and features a duo of genuine BC109C silicon transistors.

Death to the pocket sized mass-produced weakling, hail to the machinery born of blood by solitary hand!

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