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Here's the plan. The information presented on this website should be clean and simple to understand so you can find the information you seek. Just in case you or we missed something I've created this page to answer the most frequently asked questions we receive.

Have a question you think we should add? Head over to the AUAQ (Ask Us A Question) page and submit your thoughts.

Okay, I'm interested, where do I buy a D*A*M pedal?

Click on the 'Get D*A*Mned' button on your left for links to the folk who sell our sexy creations. Also be sure to check the 'For Sale' section on the D*A*M forum for second hand used, but not abused, D*A*M fuzz and other fine musical goodies.

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Yay! I wants a D*A*M Stompbox! Sign me up on your wait list, please.

No. We, as of April 2010, no longer operate any wait lists ourselves for anything. Contact the fine peoples who stock our goods via the 'Dealer Sales' button on your left.

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Can I has D*A*M MKII?

No (unless you live in Japan) We no longer make the D*A*M MKII for sale in the western world...

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Why do folk in Japan get the D*A*M MKII and we in Europe and the Americas don't?

I ceased the full-on production of the D*A*M MKII to make the the Sola Sound version. We can't export the Sola version to Japan as it would be very costly to do so. I want to still represent for the cause, the Tone Bender cause that is, so I still produce the D*A*M MKII for my Japanese distributor.

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Can I has Sola Sound MKII?

Why yes you can! D*A*M produce the original Tone Bender MKII for the folk who made the original. Still sold from the same street by the same folk. The pedal is a beautiful reproduction of those original Sola Sound made pedals from 1966 through 1968. Check out the Sola Sound MKII page on your left. If you are interested in purchasing said item you'll need to contact the Macaris In London. Their contact info is listed on both our Sola Sound MKII page and on the 'Get D*A*Mned' page.

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