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Bill Lumberg
ALL= Marshall 2203,1959,Major,(3)Class5 Two-Rock Sig. Reverb v2 & EXO15,
Fender Blues Junior(total of 5 incl.modded),Bassman 4x10 Egnater Tweaker and Tourmaster Mesa Boogie Blue Angel, double rectalfryer and TA15, Line 6 HD147, Valve 100 Ibanez Tube Screamer head/cab Bogner Uberschall, Brixton Bugera BC30 (Matchless dc30 style at 20% the cost) PRS Texaplex 2 head and 2x12 Bigmouth
I'll hit the highlights: 87 PRS C24, 97C24, 01McCarty, 03Hollowbody 2, PS Triple white(ash body,fl maple board,neck hs)onyx/14k birds 57/08pu, 97CE24
Gibson: Gatorback BFG LP, 08GOTMPush Tone LP (very cool stick)
Fender: Minty 68 Strat, 93Tester(onlt bogy neck stock), SRV Strat, 97 Strat Ultra, 2011AmStd Strt, 2010 Baja Tele(best IMHO), 97 AmStd Tele mod(my #1 for years), 2002Goldtop Tele (maple/mhg bod,mhg neck,2 Dimarzio HS,4 knobs)close to LP as Fender will get),99CS Tele built to my specs NO RELICING!! plus about 15 assorted weird wild and homemade beasts..
DAM stomps:
Meathead Dlx
Red Rooster
Super Bee
SS Mk II pro
GB-83 Greasebox
and a Savage Henry if he counts!! Just a portion of my 400+ collection from 1966 until now

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Too much shite to say, I like pedals. Yes, I am a pedalphile.