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1962 Fender Bassman [Blond/Oxblood], Trainwreck Express, Komet 60, SUNN Beta Lead,
Harmony SE EL-84 w/ 2 X 8" AlNiCo speax, Dumble Skyliner ODS front-end w/ servo controlled channel switching and everything mounted on 1/8" Gargoylite with Allen-Bradley,Dale, Tropicaps,Sprague 'Black Cats', PEC 2W Mil-Spec Pots, Switchcraft or Cliff jacks, Scumbag & Hempcone Tone Tubbies, vintage Jensens, JBL, Altecs and Fane with chromed baskets!
1998 Trussart Steelcaster [built in France!], 1956 Gibson SE-125, 1990s Epiphone Sheraton [blond with beefed up electricicals, custom MOTS pickgaurd and knob inserts to match, 2000 Fernandez w/ Sustainer[Sea Foam], 1995 Fender CS Strat Ultra [set neck!!, Lace sensors, roller nut, etc.], 1980 Fender Strat MIM [Rumplestiltkins' PUs,Callahan tailpiece & machined block,Sperzel locking winder dealys, Hellafied Custom Nitro Cellulose scratchgaurd, the Centralab pots & CRL switch were matched by production codes to be from the first quarter of 1962 yet the cloth covered wire's date is undetermined.
DAM stomps:
Donovan beat me out of the "Big Daddy" when it was here in San Fransisco and of the others Dave makes I'm holding out for a BuzzAround in that holographic finish from the first run of boxes.
I have shitloads of period correct components and Ge xistors so the Scotsman in me has trouble buying (with current resale prices getting astronomical) that which I can lash together mice elf. David's build quality has raised the bar several notches so we can all benefit from that! Just look at the offerings on the DIY sites. These fuckers have stepped up they game!
Tom Servo, Sickle, Brad, devnulljp, marykelly, [IIRC!]
I have zero formal training but I've been enjoying plooking the fine young philidelfias with they buns up, kneelin'!
Commercial Glazing Contractor, retired.
Thermionic Valve Amp builder, and Fuzz afflicted FX builder selling to mates in touring bands
Vacuum Tube Valley, Cali

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“Of the demonstrably wise there are but two: those who commit suicide, and those who keep their reasoning faculties atrophied by drink.” Mark TwGL