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Re: Show off your builds!

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Dr Tony Balls wrote: Fri Jul 16, 2021 4:52 pm Amp #2 for the day!

Balls VIP-40. The VIP is for Vox/Plexi and is a sort of taking a JTM/JMP/5F6A approach to the AC-30 TB. It's kinda like an AC-30 except both brilliant and normal channels are "top-boost-ed" and it has a linked input like a jumpered plexi. Separate normal and brilliant volume controls let you blend the two channels as desired. No Vox-style cut control because its irrelevant in this format. Cathode biased and no negative feedback to retain that Vox feel. This is a 40 watt version using 2 EL34s. Sounds killer and super fun to play.

:badlove: :badlove:

we, err, I really need to get shit sorted for a build. trainwreck meets fuck-all perfection. moral and cowboy just sittin gettin dustier :ohno:
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Re: Show off your builds!

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I'd like to play both of those amps! Looking good.
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