complicated guitar switching woes - 4-way LP style?

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complicated guitar switching woes - 4-way LP style?

Post by simonm » Sat Dec 08, 2018 1:58 pm

So I have this kind of 50s Les Paul Special-inspired guitar with out of phase P-90s, and i had the idea to put in a 4-way blade switch so I could have out-of-phase in series as well as parallel. I looked into it and decided it would work, following the route you'd take with a tele, by separating the ground from the neg wire (but on the bridge) and leaving the neck as is, becuz it's a Lollar with a firbreboard base and just pos and neg with no ground.

I started with this:

and adapted it to this:

Evidently I'm doing something wrong, as it doesn't work, but i can't see what!
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