Airline 62-9013A (Silvertone 1482) amp demos

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Re: Airline 62-9013A (Silvertone 1482) amp demos

Post by HorseyBoy » Wed Apr 05, 2017 12:38 pm

More time on my hands so more demos!
Better quality this time, recorded into GarageBand with a Rode M1 microphone into an Apogee Jam using a line-matching transformer. Amp is channel jumped and pushed past 12 o'clock for some natural tube crunch. Otherwise it's just the guitar into the amp. Track is "Reach Out I'll Be There" with the arrangement ripped entirely from the great Lee Moses. Drummer is one of the GarageBand dudes, bass is just a guitar pitched down an octave and the organ sounds were done in GarageBand using a couple of keys on the computer keyboard.
Two versions, the first using both pups on the Harvester aluminium hybrid. Second version just swaps the guitar for my 67 SG Jr. I rolled back the volume a touch on the Junior but otherwise everything is identical - I just swapped one guitar for another and recorded another track. Given there's been a bit of P90 talk on here I thought it would be a fun little comparison. ... uitar-demo ... sg-jr-demo
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Re: Airline 62-9013A (Silvertone 1482) amp demos

Post by chankgeez » Wed Apr 05, 2017 2:21 pm

Sounding pretty great there, Horsey! :headbanger:
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