Pro Mk II vs TB-02

Tone-Bending electronic fuzz unit, harmonic generator with 20 second sustain.

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Pro Mk II vs TB-02

Post by msum » Sun Feb 25, 2018 10:02 am

Hi guys,

A noob question.

What’s the difference between the Professional MkII and the TB-02? Other than enclosure...

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Re: Pro Mk II vs TB-02

Post by innerflight » Sun Feb 25, 2018 10:45 am

Not a massive difference I don't think. They will be tuned like MKII's, the last small run Dave mixed things up a bit so you had a SCB one and one tuned like an Impex Supa Fuzz etc

The original run im not too sure about but heres a quote from Dave :tu:

The sonic flavour of the TB-02 stems from the legendary Sola Sound Tone Bender
Professional MKII. Based upon the nature and performance of the later units Sola
Sound produced the TB-02 offers the user increased clarity and dynamic response
over the more open classic Tone Bender Professional MKII tones. Brighter and very
much more open in mid-range frequencies the TB-02's fuzz tones are at the same
time heavily saturated but highly responsive to pick attack. High in gain, low in
noise the British made Mullard and IPEX germanium transistors offers you rich
vintage fuzz tones with great dynamics and musical break-up. ~David Main
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