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Post by stratguy23 » Wed Sep 21, 2011 6:58 am

devnulljp wrote:
stratguy23 wrote:I just got an AC128 Rooster, and I likes it a lot! Quietest treble booster I've ever used!
Quite, but super crunchy. Those AC128 RRs go all the way to 11.
Guess what we do when we need that little extra push over the cliff, go to 11.
Why not just make 10 a little louder and have that be the top...
These go to 11.

Yes, I think the Red Rooster is super awesome, it really does push the amp pretty hard. The thing I find with D*A*M pedals is that the longer I have them, the more I like them, I find more and more versatility in them over time. I mean my Meathead has one knob, and I can get a ton of different tones of out it. Dave really knows his stuff!
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