Email Notifiations and New Posts

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Email Notifiations and New Posts

Post by devnulljp »

If you're still not getting email notifications, add to your email contacts. It'll stop it getting marked as spam. Seems to work in Hotmail/Gmail/Yahoo

Also clicking on the big round icon to the left of the topic icon in the New posts results instead of the title will take you to the first unread post instead of just the first post.
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Re: Email Notifiations and New Posts

Post by redeyeflight »

Not sure where to post this but Dev, maybe you can help? I seem to be getting notifications of new posts in the “i just boughted it” thread even though I’m not subscribed to it. I actually did subscribe to the thread and it started giving me email notifications so I then unsubscribed and the emails stopped but its still popping up in my notifications on the forum (the bell icon). Not sure it anyone else has had a similar problem but its been going on for a while now…
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