monolithfuzz spectre v2

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monolithfuzz spectre v2

Post by Francus1971 »

hi all
I need your help guyz.
my spectre v2 had a pop issue when turned on.
I gave it to a technician who did a shit job on it, at the reverb link you can find the photos. now it always has the pop on ignition and moreover does not work with the battery, he changed the switch by doing a hard job and he also put some glue and sockets on the transistors. i'm pissed off, so i put it up for sale, but actually i'd like to find someone who is able to give it a real fix and get it back to its former glory
i had asked mike directly before sending it to the technician above, but i didn't get any answers. rather than sell it I'd like to have it fixed as it does by some of you
if there is availability please let me know
thank you
franco ... tre-v1-10s
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Re: monolithfuzz spectre v2

Post by Lee »

Wow that technician guy really did a number on that circuit board. I feel bad for you and the pedal. There has to be a builder that would help around here. Good luck
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Re: monolithfuzz spectre v2

Post by HorseyBoy »

Oh, man - that's not good. If the tech didn't know how to fix it, he should have just left it alone. Hope someone can help, Franco!
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