"Venus"1969 D.A. distortion unit FF replica with TFK bc108C!

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Re: "Venus" 1972 D.A. distortion unit FF replica

Post by fuzzface6669 »

New replica added tonight Monday. Pics are coming but most important is it sounds right on to my the original that I dig.
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Re: "Venus"1969 D.A. distortion unit FF replica with TFK bc1

Post by norhyme »

fuzzface6669 wrote:Venus 69 replica with nos tfk bc108c transistors and nos mullard and siemens caps in it. Has Nos philips and Allen Bradley resistors inside. Carling Dpdt in big dark purple case. $200 shipped and paypal'd. Everything spot on to my original 69 that has TFK bc108c's in it and everything hand tested/selected.


http://dl.dropbox.com/u/701687/Fuzz_Face_demo.mp3 Comparison of the Venus Fuzz with his original 1972 Fuzz Face. Many thanks to Friendosound !! Gear used was a 60's Epi Wilshire (humbuckers) and small Champ style amp .

http://s677.photobucket.com/albums/vv13 ... t=fb69.mp4The original thru 45/100 Volume on 4 or 5 thru Tall Hendrix Marshall Cab. With strat with weak late sixties style pickups

Start thru a 5 Watt amp . $1 store battery used in the pedal and Norhyme cleans up on the song with his volume knob. Mucho thanks Norhyme !!
Your welcome :cheers: - thanks for building these great Fuzz Faces!
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Post by mjkk »

Bump, who's got one!! Slide in my dms ;)
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