hotrod clyde / italia wah drop in kit. surplus, special.

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hotrod clyde / italia wah drop in kit. surplus, special.

Post by joegagan » Sun Jun 28, 2015 8:21 am

normally don't offer the italia as a drop in kit, i had a special request from an ebay customer to make him a tuneable drop in kit based on the clyde but also able to do the italia sounds (he heard the videos).

while building his i made a second one for testing - offering it to you guys here.

the inductor is made to the italia specs, all other parts set up to do the italia tones which are also marked on the trimmers.

also many other tones possible as it has five trimmers instead of the usual two :
- bias
-treble adder AKA ' howl" ( w/ sockets for tailoring freq of treble add . empty sockets = same as 'no treble add' aka stock.)
-harmonics ( tunes the 33k to 100k parallel the inductor everyone raves about.)

purple LED and new low 3pdt for wider throw on pot and quiet switching. requires you to drill a hole for LED, or you can just ignore, no harm done.

fits dunlop and vox shells , and some others.

$85 shipped in the US, $92 shipped int'l
full wah OPTION~~~ will install in NEW gcb95 shell for an extra 40. ( add 12 for ship both Us and outside US)

i will not be offering the italia as a kit, this is a rare shot at it.
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