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Balls Charity Build

Posted: Tue Feb 04, 2020 8:49 pm
by Dr Tony Balls
Throwing this out there in case anyone is interested...

Last year, through the Electrical Audio forums, I did a small run of pedals for the members of that forum with a chunk from each sale going to charity. That design was a distortion unit, 35 sold, and $50 from each was split between two different cancer research charities. I'm doing the same thing again, this time with a different circuit, and the same $50 from each sale goes to the same charities.

This year is going to be a muff-type fuzz. The circuit is set up to be slightly lower gain like a Russian muff, with a removal of the standard muff tone control and replacing it with a treble cut control. The result is similar to a Russian muff if it had the older 'tone bypass' feature and a cut control to reign in any unwanted brightness (also not unlike the Cornish G-2 implementation). The circuit will also feature an added clean-blend control to allow it to play well with bass. Units will be pedalboard-friendly sized with LEDs, and are $175 post-paid in the USA. If you're out of the US it'll likely be about $10 more.

Here's a pic of the previous year's build, and YES the new one will also have a cobra on it (its an EA forum thing). If anyone is interested in participating shoot me a DM or respond here and i'll add you to the list. Payment will be taken up front in another week or so, and the builds should be ready around the end of March.



Re: Balls Charity Build

Posted: Tue Feb 04, 2020 10:53 pm
by 1bottlerocket
Nice job!