Wanna sell your shit? Follow these rules!

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Wanna sell your shit? Follow these rules!

Post by The Captain » Tue Oct 12, 2010 11:08 pm

DIY mother fuckers!

Nothing finer to than have done it or to be doing it yourself. Do it to it, its doing shit and doing shit is good. D*A*M is a DIY business. We did it and are still doing it ourselves. I am all for people doing there own thing so if this little space helps someone get something rolling, that is more than cool by me. All power to all people.

So, this little corner is for any lo-fi builders who wish to spam or sell their shit here. If you wanna throw a link up to your thing, do it. If you wanna sell your shit, do that too, but...if you wanna sell your stuff here you have to play nice and follow these rules. Safe for you, safe for the dudes buying your stuff.

1. The standard rules of selling on the D*A*M forum apply. These rules Read them and then read rule 3 again. Any dealings done here are nothing to do with me, David Andrew Main, or D*A*M. This section is just a jump pad for DIY builders to sell there creations to a bunch of fuzz freaks.

2. Supply photo's with guts shots. Why? Cos some goon whacks a few knobs and a stomp switch on a Hammond box and hey presto! Looks like the real deal but in fact and in all reality its full of nothing but space. Plus, folk like to know what they are buying. More likely to sell if you has pretty pictures of the inside and out. Should you have some far-out hi-tech never done before design you want to keep from the evil eyes of any other builders, well you probably should have you own website.

3. Don't try and sell shit you ain't built yet! And if you do, make this 110% clear to the buyer. I would personally not pay for anything upfront without knowing it actually existed or it was from a trusted source. For sure, you can run a wee list for whatever it is you do but do not expect folk to pay in advance.

That's it. Understand those simple rules and coolness it shall be.

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Re: Wanna sell your shit? Follow these rules!

Post by capricorn_1 » Thu Oct 14, 2010 9:43 am

aye aye :tu:
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