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Time For Some FS-77 Fuzz Sound Love

Posted: Sun May 12, 2019 1:31 pm
by Space_Case
Hey peoples, as an extremely happy owner of an FS-77 version of the Fuzz Sound I just wanted to throw it out there to see if anyone else had any similar feelings and wanted to obsess about it along with me. If you one of the lucky few who's potentially had the chance to compare it with the earlier Fuzz Sound versions feel free to chime in as I'd imagine it be an interesting comparison. Also I've mentioned it in a few other comments (because naturally someone making this topic is gonna be the kind of person who wont shut up about it :hyper: ) but in case the transistors vary between batches for reference mine's one of the ones with 2 green jacket OC82Ds and one blue jacket OC45.

For me what separates the FS-77 out from most of the other fuzz pedals I've had come my way has to be the interaction between the balance and tone knobs and the way it seems to allow both the sonic shape I'm hearing and the dynamics I'm feeling be changed dramatically. As someone who uses a Les Paul the openness and space which the balance knob in particular seems to create is an absolute treasure that is invaluable. Normally I'm constantly on the edge of over-compressing my sound into a farting mess, whereas a turn of the balance seems to free up that space and give me an entirely new bunch of settings on almost all the other knobs which I can then enjoy. That it does this and has all the range and interplay with the sustain and level knobs that you'd expect from a kick-ass fuzz, not to mention the resonance and harmonics this thing can bring, is the cherry on top of my sundae after that balance knob. Oh and I almost forgot about how great it can keep it's definition when thrown chords.

Anyway enough prattling of my prattling I just thought that this hadn't been said and needed saying because it's a pedal that's up there with my Steve Williams/Sola Sound MK1 and my Pigdog Fuzzbound as my favorites and it does so in a completely different way than either of them.


Re: Time For Some FS-77 Fuzz Sound Love

Posted: Sat May 25, 2019 4:00 am
by ZaidAli95
Definitely need to try one now