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Re: D*A*M Pedal Galleries

Post by ericcraigis »

I am new here so go easy. My question is, if I ordered a Sola Sound MKII TODAY, what does the current board look like?

I have seen so many variations searching online, and have recently come up on the list and am curious what the latest is.

Thank you.
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Re: D*A*M Pedal Galleries

Post by anemochore »

Bump...Just because
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Re: D*A*M Pedal Galleries

Post by squarewave »

Good idea, looking back at some of the old graphics was waaaaay cool. I love the old red roosters and super bees with the stars between the dam letters. Bring em back I say!
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Re: D*A*M Pedal Galleries

Post by jerms »

arrgh the pedal gallery is gone again!!! :scared:
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Re: D*A*M Pedal Galleries

Post by 59junior »

I know I'm reviving a reeeally old thread... but are these old galleries still up anywhere online? All three links in the original post are dead. Thanks for the help.
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