The Dope Priest

The electron charged knuckle duster.

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Re: The Dope Priest

Post by Jazzmann »

Whats your favourite of the three circuits?
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Re: The Dope Priest

Post by Lee »

I haven’t received the DP-70 yet still waiting I thought I was was hoping for delivery in March like the Captain said but something must have happened. Of the two I have I’m digging the DP-93 as of late. The DP-75 is amazing also there is something special with these new Dope Priests they are some of the best muffs I’ve tried. I can’t wait for the DP-70 to arrive
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Re: The Dope Priest

Post by The Captain »

Lee wrote: Wed Apr 14, 2021 1:50 am Anyone get their DP-70 from the recent batch yet?
Yo Lee! The current batch start rolling out this week, man. (the week commencing the 3rd) :party:
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Re: The Dope Priest

Post by Bigfoot2000 »

New dope priest (75) received from joes

Heavy as fuck
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Re: The Dope Priest

Post by stella_blues »

Bigfoot2000 wrote: Sat May 08, 2021 7:08 pm New dope priest (75) received from joes

Heavy as fuck
The new particle series also looks cool as fuck :freakout:
Congrats :party:
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Re: The Dope Priest

Post by Lach »

They look incredible! Love those tall boxes too! Hmmm maybe I do need another Big Muff...
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Re: The Dope Priest

Post by 1976@metal »

Surprised there hasn't been more talk about these , they just appeared on Joes website and where all sold out after a few hours I think. Cheers to Bigfoot2000 for giving me the heads up, glad I managed to grab one in time
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