Audio Modifier with built in Distortion Generator.

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Re: FZ-678

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Top shelf all the way!
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erer wrote::thud:

please sell one of these to me.
And me! That is some sweet Zonk action... :drool2:
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Re: FZ-678

Post by Coolhand78 »

Boom!!! Hot D*A*M.

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Post by daCod »

old thread is old.
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Post by DucRyder »

I still think they're BAD ASS....
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Re: FZ-678

Post by harry-bmg »

Very interesting project, I'm how does it sound live!
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Re: FZ-678

Post by sovtekfuzz »

I hate bumping ancient threads, but I got one of these as part of a trade recently and i love it more and more each day. Thick, pretty much no sputter, just perfect. And the filter is an excellent addition when playing extra loud, its not extreme and tames the high end just enough. And absolute delight to play every time I plug in, I spent a solid hour just riffing away after work today.
Roll call a few years on? Who has one of these?

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Re: FZ-678

Post by mjkk »

God damn you lucky bastard
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