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Julia Stargirl
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Re: D*A*M Direct

Post by Julia Stargirl » Thu Aug 29, 2019 5:45 pm

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Re: D*A*M Direct

Post by dillib » Thu Aug 29, 2019 5:46 pm

Gonna be wetting me pants :badlove: :badlove: :badlove:
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Re: D*A*M Direct

Post by Spook » Thu Aug 29, 2019 6:26 pm

Can't wait !
Looking great !!! :party:
The Lord In Vein
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Doctor X
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Re: D*A*M Direct

Post by Doctor X » Thu Aug 29, 2019 6:41 pm

:badlove: come to papa
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Doc Holliday
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Re: D*A*M Direct

Post by Doc Holliday » Thu Aug 29, 2019 7:34 pm

Eye candy for sure
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Re: D*A*M Direct

Post by stella_blues » Thu Aug 29, 2019 7:36 pm

So fucking cool :freakout:
I had to stop shopping in Asda (other supermarkets are available) just to drool over the pics, bloody weirdo :hihi:
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Re: D*A*M Direct

Post by Lee » Thu Aug 29, 2019 7:42 pm

Wish I had money these days. Dave is killing it with his builds like he always does. Those new 65’s look utterly fantastic.
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Re: D*A*M Direct

Post by 1bottlerocket » Thu Aug 29, 2019 7:59 pm

Makes me wish I would have ordered one.
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Re: D*A*M Direct

Post by squarewave » Thu Aug 29, 2019 11:13 pm

Goodness me they look nice. Congrats those whom scored one✅
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Re: D*A*M Direct

Post by Fuzzisthebest » Fri Aug 30, 2019 12:49 pm

Regrets I’ve had a few .........
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