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Re: D*A*M Direct

Post by Pahathuasyndicate » Thu Nov 21, 2019 9:20 pm

Right on, cool colour schemes indeed. That red on dove grey :badlove:
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Re: D*A*M Direct

Post by The Captain » Mon Dec 30, 2019 9:46 pm

LR-01_01.JPG (401.43 KiB) Viewed 398 times
Yo!! Couple of stragglers in the Reverb store from the recent Joe's Pedals and Deluxe orders. A single LR-01 (Olympia circuit - AKA Vintage Tone Bender MKIII flavoured) and a single MHX-01 (it's a Meathead Deluxe)

If you fancy some pedal board friendly vintage MKIII action or you want to hammer your speakers with silicon goodness, have at it!

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Re: D*A*M Direct

Post by TheWarmth » Fri Jan 10, 2020 2:41 pm

Any update on the new batch of Tone Distorters? Will they be gray or some other color?
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