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Re: A bit of blurb from V&R!

Post by nurket »

Tricalibur wrote:Man I hope I get on of those Meathead Dark's. I was on the list, I got an email, and I replied to the email, so theoretically I should be good to go, right?

Same here...thought I replied quick enough but it doesn't seem like I'll be getting one knowing others have already sent payment. Guess I'll just have to wait it out. Oh well, patience is a virtue....right?

Good luck...hope you got one :tu:

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Re: A bit of blurb from V&R!

Post by molokaio »

uhm.. so this is totally different than we all thought. There is an actual listed priority... oh well.. If that made sense for dave and V&R it does for me as well... :popcorn:
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Re: A bit of blurb from V&R!

Post by Tricalibur »

I mean if they are all already sold, then its basically just like BIN shooting. Who ever can get to their email fastest gets a pedal and the rest of us wake up the next day to find that there's pedals available but they've already been sold.

Although, maybe the guys just got a thousand emails to sort through trying to find the people who requested a pedal ahead of time. :pray:
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Re: A bit of blurb from V&R!

Post by zerorez »

Sickle wrote:
supro48 wrote:You sick man I love it can I get another taste. :choke:
I woke up at 3:30 AM to get a very special graphic finished this morning so it can get off to the screen printer. I WISH I could show you this thing, but alas, I cannot. Rest assured, its going to be a very special D*A*M indeed..

And that's just one of two I've worked on the last 24 hours.

Alright then "D", looking forward to The Captains new Delay Pedal! :lol:
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Re: A bit of blurb from V&R!

Post by Jim Goad »

Fuck's sake. So there Is a list for pedals & yet again I missed out cos I thought there wasn't. I'd better email V&R or I'll never get a MH dark at this rate.
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Re: A bit of blurb from V&R!

Post by CitizenAudio »

No worries man! We were all confused. But everyone will get the pedals of their dreams sooner than later! It will be a good 2009 finale me thinks! :party:
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Re: A bit of blurb from V&R!

Post by thesjkexperience »

Any one know how long it takes for the new distributor to return emails? I dont want to hound them, but I do want to know I am on the list!
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