velcro a dam? blasphemy!

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here's a list of the recent completed listings to get you an idea of what they're going for ... 283&_rdc=1
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Yeah, problem is though that it's 120V AC and has U.S. style outlets.. unless i could ge it at 240V with u.k. outlets then i'd be as well getting a pedal train..
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no - just get a power inverter.. that's what i do in australia. like 40 bucks
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Re: velcro a dam? blasphemy!

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Get the skb ps-55 as it has a transformer that is switchable from 120 to 240, a built in buffer, headphone amp, and cable checker. I have one and the only complaint I have is it has a little flex due to being molded plastic, but if you wah is on the floor it doesn't bother me. They don't have courtesy outlets since it can switch voltages, but I'm going to add a couple to mine.
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