super bee number twenty three

Germanium fuzz tones for old school heavy minds.

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Just another quick comparison between this and the new drag n fly (I've been jamming with these both all day at work with my guitar students): super bee is one loud, smooth n' crunchy, compressed, bass engorged mutha. The drag n fly is more open, lets more of the pick attack come through (definitely less compressed), is not as loud, and is voiced for more sizzle (is less smooth). They both clean up so damn well with a strat and they both have a nice but not over the top amount of gain. I think you could basically do pretty much everything you could want to do with a fuzztone (except something like octave fuzz) with these two boxes on your board at a gig.

As an aside:
The two pedals just complement eachother so well...the captain DEFINITELY knew what he was doing with the super bee in relation to the rest of his regular line. Having now played all his regular production boxes, I can safely say they are not modern recreations of vintage boxes (like almost everyone else is doing... :whistle: ) but more of an evolution of meticulously researched vintage pedals built with a masters hand, voiced for new tones and new music...and with some of the nicest looks in the game! I'd have to say I completely understand why David chose to discontinue the MK II and the 1966 as they really are the best reproductions of the old school shit but doesn't necessarily go with the direction of the regular productions (sorry if I'm reading too much into the ethos of tha DAM??). The MKIII certainly follows this line of thinking as well (although I haven't had a chance to play one yet). No one in the pedal game is doing what David is doing and I just want to raise the muthafuckin roof to DAM! :cheers:
ok now go buy one....sales pitch over... :fu:
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Re: super bee number twenty three

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imlikeajungle wrote:I have #21 :badteeth:

I have 18 : :zgrin:
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