Gimme an O.W.S.L.E.Y.

Face Fuzz, Head Buzz. Get it?

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Gimme an O.W.S.L.E.Y.

Post by spofftastic »


Just seeing how you all are with the new Owsleys! Mine is a just arrived NKT I have putting through the paces.

Has the perfect amount of punch and attack and bit of chop, with full bottom - not too extended and getting to blow out like a BC183l. Has some nice spank with the roll-off and cleans up very well - not 100% all the way but REAL close - but the more I play Fuzz Faces (my favorite build) the more I can appreciate this characteristic.

Definitely much tighter than my OC75 Goldie - that has more squish, rounded and subdued bottom, brighter top end and sag.

As a long time forum member, I can remember getting a Super Bee in 2010 - liking the build for sure but SO wanting it to be a fuzz face with cleanup. Waiting for just about 10 years for Dave to offer a FF build, I finally got on the list in 2019 for a Fuzzy Haskins and Maggot Brain BC183l. The Maggot is exceptional, with big bottom breakup and nice clarity in the top-end for humbuckers. Definitely more growly than germanium. Although really exceptional clean up with the volume pot - the Haskins was not the tuning I expected, a bit darker and I found it to be much more gain than the Owsley.

Owsley NKT sounds equally great with Humbuckers (es 137), single coils (am. pro. Strat) and p-90's (es 330) - wonderful through my Handwired Princeton Reverb and Vox ac15hw1.

The Owsley NKT is the perfect tuning for me, without being too aggressive, bright and over the top. It sits perfect in the mix with great clean up for sure, but will have plenty of power, punch and chop for whenever you need it to stand out!

After 14 years on the DAM forum, finally got the NKT Fuzz Face build I have always wanted!

Thanks Dave :captain: ......
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Re: Gimme an O.W.S.L.E.Y.

Post by daCod »

So gnar to see/hear peeps so hella stoked for a DAM build. Dave mastered his craft years back but continues to kick out the jams. No stopping perfection. The man is thee man. Nuff said.

Turn it up!!!!
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Re: Gimme an O.W.S.L.E.Y.

Post by sovtekfuzz »

Bc108 here, first DAM build I've ever been able to score direct and it was worth the wait. Neck pickup while playing with the volume knob on my p90 LP is an absolute blast, although in hindsight I wish I got the NKT just for something different as I usually go for silicon

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