The Goldie MKI

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The Goldie MKI


Did a little search but failed to find any mentions so thought I would share a couple of pics. This is #20 (Ant thought likely the last) of these. A Green Jacket loaded MkI in a Goldie MkII case. Sort of a forerunner to to the Phoenix, some say.

All I can confirm is it’s a spectacular MkI. Lots of character, beautiful decay and a nice balance of high, low and mids all at play. Absolutely one of my favourites. Would love to hear more about these from @TheCaptain and other owners.
9CE53721-C6B8-469A-879F-B8AC615AC415.jpeg (1.25 MiB) Viewed 1843 times
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Re: The Goldie MKI

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Re: The Goldie MKI

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I have one and its fantastic!
I would also love some info from Mr Main regarding this fuzz.
Perfect mix of attack and sag. Best mk1 I’ve tried and I’ve had some good ones!
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