Custom Head Buzz "White Magic 83"

Face Fuzz, Head Buzz. Get it?

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Re: Custom Head Buzz "White Magic 83"

Post by emeka »

Awesome man!

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Post by daCod »

super sexy Aviv - congrats!
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Post by modeerf »

That is so cool man. Congrats, I'm jealous.
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Post by TheWarmth »

Cool! Dig the white/gray color scheme. What's part 1 of your trade with Dave? I must have missed that.
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Post by Philip »

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Post by redeyeflight »

Very nice!!
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Post by Funky Druid »

TheWarmth wrote: What's part 1 of your trade with Dave? I must have missed that.
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Post by kb892 »

yes, very nice! congrats!
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Re: Custom Head Buzz "White Magic 83"

Post by Fuzzz »

Beautiful! Absolutely stunning!

Kind of looks all gentle and innocent, which I bet it's not! :badlove:
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Post by DucRyder »

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