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Yes. What he said ^
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Funky Druid wrote:this finish looks great!
Some handsome guy in Chicago owns that pedal :hihi:
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Post by edkoppel »

No. 251 November 2008

Black n' Gold, "Slo-Mods" 1of1

Sounds almost exactly like the other B&G Meatheads, but with way more low end and a little more gating.
This was supposedly (correct me if I'm wrong) the pedal that spawned the Meathead Dark.
Kind of like a Muff and a Tonebender MKI had an evil demon baby. :cthulhu2:



Oh, DB? That's just slang for Dandy Big muff collector.
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Wesley Pipes
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Man Ed that is an awesome meathead right there. The demon baby of a muff and an mkI sounds like the pedal Ive always dreamed of. Wish there were more of them Id love jam out on one of those. Congrats on owning such a cool piece of sonic annihilation.
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Re: Meathead History

Post by superfuzz »


I tried to attach images but they we're the wrong size so I'll have to go away and scratch my head to get them to fit. In the mean time here is No.29 photos by a previous owner.

This thing is THICK, FULL and the sustain is so looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong its quite unbelievable you can go and have a bite and you'll still be hearing it.

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Re: Meathead History

Post by Davide79 »

My Meathead Deluxe, number #100, 19/11/2009.. it's amazing fuzz :badlove:
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Re: Meathead History

Post by Captain Standish »

Here's Old Number 12, mine from new.

#12 Meathead Custom. Silver Hammerite 20/08/04


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Re: Meathead History

Post by innerflight »

Great 1st post, that thing looks shit hot :badlove:

Welcome :tu:
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Re: Meathead History

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yeah, very attractive!
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Re: Meathead History

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Damn, from 2004. Took you a while to join. :tu:
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