New here? Read This.

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New here? Read This.

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Hello new person. We are glad to have you here. Please take the time to read the brief gibberish below.

Rules of the House

1. Unfortunately do to retards who have nothing better to do with their sad pathetic lives we get a lot of spam accounts created on a daily basis. Due to this your initial posts have to be approved until you reach a total post count of 10. Then you are part of the gang, one of the boys/girls, we do pee-pee on your jacket so you feel at home, that kinda thing. It is advisable that once you have created an account you make a post. For why? Because of the above, and all zero accounts are likely to get chopped on a heavy spam traffic day. If you ain't into the internets social crap just post a picture of your cat, a link to a song you hate, whatever.

2. If you wanna sell shit you also need 10 posts under your belt. This is an automatic occurrence. I can not bypass you into any magic club cos there ain't one. Once you reach this stage please read the rules about trading in the Buy/Sell & Trade section.

That's it. They're not really rules just the way things are. No point saying to much of the obvious shit, treat people how you expect to be treated yourself, don't threaten people with violence, keep bigoted ideologies in your head, etc.

We are a pretty laid back crowd, there ain't no bullshit club, if you dig old school pedals, amp and guitars you'll feel right at home.



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