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Re: Model:AA

Post by Scott »

me want badly!!!!! :choke: :cthulhu2: :headbanger:
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Re: Model:AA

Post by waveclipper »

I got #20 which has 3 x OC78 transistors.

David A. Main is a fucking genius.
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Re: Model:AA

Post by Yggdrazil »

#6 Landed today :crackjam:
3 x Mullard OC78
Was too late to try; can't wait :party:

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Re: Model:AA

Post by king_of_the_road »

#18 arrived two days ago. Also features 2 OC78s and 1 OC82DM. Didn't have the chance to try it out yet. Probably have to wait till christmas is over. Pretty stoked! It's a piece of art! Nicely done, Cap'n!
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Re: Model:AA

Post by fendersilver »

dazed and confused wrote:These are veeeery nice :badlove:
You're a bunch of lucky geezers getting these.
Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, sometimes you need a bit of luck. :tu:

Today is your lucky day. :party:
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Re: Model:AA

Post by tatter »

I ordered one of these a couple of weeks ago, can't wait!!! First D*A*M pedal I've bought for years. :crackjam:

Just wondered why The Captain decided to clone the FZ-1a instead of the FZ-1?

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Re: Model:AA

Post by jazznrick »

Anyone try the AA on bass?
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Re: Model:AA

Post by Philip »

jazznrick wrote: Sun Jul 01, 2018 11:54 pm Anyone try the AA on bass?
Fuzzy AA bass on this.

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Re: Model:AA

Post by psycho*daisies »

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It only tightens up...
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Re: Model:AA

Post by jreeves47 »

tatter wrote: Thu Apr 13, 2017 11:56 am
Just wondered why The Captain decided to clone the FZ-1a instead of the FZ-1?
dunno but the battery compartment is irresistible.
got one in a very cool trade and i love it - has all the best tones of the fz1's and fz1a's I've played.
kills with my les paul custom!
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