Pigdog Pedals - JuJu

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Re: Pigdog Pedals - JuJu

Post by redeyeflight »

Ace riffing as usual sir! Dig that super tight percussive MK III snap!
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Re: Pigdog Pedals - JuJu

Post by waveclipper »

Great to finally hear one of these wielded in fury :freakout:

Finger twisting good juju :listening:
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Re: Pigdog Pedals - JuJu

Post by Fuzzisthebest »

Sorry to resurrect an old thread but what’s your opinion of the Juju . Is it in the top 10 fuzzes of all time ?
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Re: Pigdog Pedals - JuJu

Post by Philip »

Dunno, but listening back years later, I sound quite inspired by the thick and chewy goodness of the JUJU. So, mission accomplished as far as the whole point of these things. :party: :freakout:
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Re: Pigdog Pedals - JuJu

Post by SilverTightrope »

Man, it really does sound wicked...love the Crimson riffing :freakout:
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Re: Pigdog Pedals - JuJu

Post by Space_Case »

Sorry if I'm late to the party, but having just bought the custom JuJu that was sitting at Deluxe Guitars in Melbourne for what seems like an eternity I needed to jump in. To me it's kinda got elements of my Castledine Supa Mk1 when you push the treble and get the high notes resonating with gain even though it isn't a MKI. It's also got a bit of Buzzaround like madness and mayhem to it though instead of the more gated sound I get on my Fuzzbound it gives almost a zippered depending on the setting of the tone knob.

The biggest thing that I like about the JuJu, and this goes for all of my favorite fuzzes, is for lack of better words what I'd call it's "playing feel". By that I mean that you really get huge range and change on tap through all of the knobs, even the level, where the sound feels like its fluid and dynamic in it's movement under your fingers and almost is an instrument in and of itself.
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