Audio Modifier with built in Distortion Generator.

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Variations on theme, seems to be a common enough trait of mine. FZ-673 > FZ-676 > FZ-678. An obvious enough progression, or in this case regression. Same style different digs, a Zonk Machine themed trip with just tickle more circuit tailoring. A wee more welly in the output, boarder scope on the means of fuzz control, a somewhat more open bias arrangement; simple things that I care to experience with said circuit type. Visually this FZ variant is closer to its origins than its blue brothers, and going hand-in-hand with this theme to tone control functions of this version are much simplified. The is “Filter” as it is stated, no frequency boosting is capable just the filtering of the high frequency content. In operation very similar to the Filter control found on the Marshall Supa Fuzz MKI types. Crude in operation but for this circuit type a useful addition.
Five units built to date all loaded with a Mullard OC42, OC44 and OC83 combination. At an optimum temperature there is some degree of control from the guitar with this transistor set-up. In a nutshell more heat in the kitchen is ideal. Construction style is again a continuation of things I have done previously, as in, attempts to use this enclosure style in a way I find more pleasing to the eye.

Actually made something for myself for the first time in time...
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Re: FZ-678

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These look lovely!
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Re: FZ-678

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Re: FZ-678

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3 eyed zonks!
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please sell one of these to me.
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Re: FZ-678

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dear mother of god :drool2:
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Re: FZ-678

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The purple finish looks friggin' rad combined with the enclosure. Definitely an eye catcher! :cyclops:
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Re: FZ-678

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^ Yep, I can confirm that the attempt to make these pleasing to the eye was successful. :tu:
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Re: FZ-678

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HorseyBoy wrote:^ Yep, I can confirm that the attempt to make these pleasing to the eye was successful. :tu:
Nice one. :tu:
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