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Re: deluxe vs. dark

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I have all three Meatheads now including the dark and deluxe. Let me just say that all of them sound fucking incredible and I humbly say that it is my favorite sounding D*A*M pedal type. I am drawn to the sharp edged head chopping type of tone all 3 bring to the table.

The dark is a fucking glutton of fuzzy evilness. It seriously fucks up lives and shows no mercy. It has an amazing low end that beats out every other type of pedal in its class.

The deluxe is just a tad less fat but share very similar tonal nuances when the filter knob is fully clockwise. I compared the Dark and Deluxe side by side and at low volumes, they are pretty much identical. But if you start increasing the volume, you can tell that the dark will dig deeper and grow fatter immensely.
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