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Forum updates: Messy

Post by devnulljp »

Sorry guys. Forum took a dump, and I'm cleaning up the mess.
Things might be a bit off for the next day or two til I fix things.
Hang tight.

Dear Bongo, No.
Good deals with all these guys
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Re: Forum updates: Messy

Post by Doc Holliday »

Cool man.
Couldn’t get on all day .. thought it was my end so.. good to know :tu:
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Re: Forum updates: Messy

Post by fendersilver »


“Now remember, what happens in Vegas stays, in Vegas. Except herpes, that shit will come back with you.”
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Re: Forum updates: Messy

Post by anemochore »

:tu: :party: I had a couple of days of heavy workload and didn’t notice. Thanks for the job well done
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