Maggot #044 - AWOL - Please Read

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Maggot #044 - AWOL - Please Read

Post by The Captain »

Today is a sad day. For the first time in 17 years a pedal has gone missing whilst being shipped to the customer. Well, it actually got to its destination but not into the hands of the owner. This kinda shit sickens me to my very core. Somebody pays their hard earned money for something then a low life piece shit then takes it as their own. No sir, I don't like it.

It is Maggot Brain #044. Black enclosure, white screen print, fitted with 'RS' branded Philips BC108 transistors (see attached) Should anyone come across this pedal in their travels I would most certainly like to know.

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Re: Maggot #044 - AWOL - Please Read

Post by Pahathuasyndicate »

Yes, disgraceful. If everybody keeps an eye out on the verb, bay, local Craigslist’s/gumtree type places, there’s a real chance it will come up. Here’s hoping it surfaces
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Re: Maggot #044 - AWOL - Please Read

Post by Zacharia Matilda »

It's certainly in the hands of someone who doesn't have any appreciation for what it is. Presuming it got stolen from someone's porch after being delivered. Fucking assholes. Merry fucking Christmas.

Maybe make this thread stick in the first page so it doesn't get lost in the forum?
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Re: Maggot #044 - AWOL - Please Read

Post by squarewave »

Peepers are peeled
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Re: Maggot #044 - AWOL - Please Read

Post by Rygar »

Thieving fucks!
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Re: Maggot #044 - AWOL - Please Read

Post by jreeves47 »

I've done some craigslist searches, i'll keep looking
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Re: Maggot #044 - AWOL - Please Read

Post by Doc Holliday »

Yeah my postman likes to sign for them himself buzz my bell and Fock off. No second look.
Thing is living in flats or apartments you get people dropping in pizza leaflets and shit. This time of year they know people are ordering for Xmas
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Re: Maggot #044 - AWOL - Please Read

Post by stella_blues »

Yes I’ve had parcels left in random places which is why I usually ask for things to be delivered to my work address. At least if I’m not in there’s someone who I can trust to sign for it.

Fingers crossed this Maggot shows up somewhere, the beady eyed fuzz freaks here will be sure to spot it :tu:
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Re: Maggot #044 - AWOL - Please Read

Post by mplsaustin »

I'm on the look out!
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Re: Maggot #044 - AWOL - Please Read

Post by nad »

Fuck thieves. I hope this story has a happy ending in the near future. A happy, deservedly vengeful ending.

When I lived in an apartment most of the time deliveries were made at the front desk, so I'd just pick stuff up later in the day after work. Except the one time I bought an old Sunn head, which was left at my front door where many people walked by it..................but at least the delivery dude put my door mat on top of the giant box. :doh:
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