Transistor porn (OC81Ds, OC44s, some RCAs)

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Transistor porn (OC81Ds, OC44s, some RCAs)

Post by agoldoor »

Hey all,

It's been an incredibly long time since I've posted here, but had a friend text me to ask if I had some specific semiconductors for sale, and thought I'd take stock), so sharing some photos of them here. (And yes, I might be selling some soon)

A lonely 2G381 (MKI) -- Passed along all of the rest I had, hope they're in pedals now, had this one lingering...
Also in the photo, a bunch of OC81Ds in white jacket, metal jackets, and a few blue OC81DMs, OC81s in metal jackets and the OC81Ms in black:
OC81s, OC81ds, 2G381.jpeg
OC81s, OC81ds, 2G381.jpeg (1.26 MiB) Viewed 3219 times
NKT275 stash, pinch o' fuzz face flavor for ya:
NKT275 pinch o' magic.jpeg
NKT275 pinch o' magic.jpeg (663.96 KiB) Viewed 3219 times
More Mullards, the OC44s and OC75s, including those adorable yellow OC44s:
OC44s, OC75s.jpeg
OC44s, OC75s.jpeg (1.36 MiB) Viewed 3219 times
And then my beloved RCAs -- I have had this fantasy forever of building a bunch of as-part-accurate-as-possible germanium Fuzzrites, so I snapped up every 2n2613 and 2n408 I came across for a while there:
Fuzzrite stash.jpeg
Fuzzrite stash.jpeg (1.23 MiB) Viewed 3219 times
And sixty-some-odd RCA 2n270s, for a similar fantasy of either making my own Maestro FZ-1 or asking Jerms to make me a really spiffy one with the best trio of the bunch... prolly didn't need to gather up so many for one pedal, but... you guys know how collecting goes:
RCA270s.jpeg (857.85 KiB) Viewed 3219 times
I sure have missed participating in the community around here, but..... life, y'all know how that goes! =)
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Re: Transistor porn (OC81Ds, OC44s, some RCAs)

Post by daCod »

Blast from the past! Hope you’re well man :cheers:
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Re: Transistor porn (OC81Ds, OC44s, some RCAs)

Post by Radiotron »

Beautiful stuff man! Would be interesting to see the readings on those NKT-275's, it's not often you see that many in one place anymore
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Re: Transistor porn (OC81Ds, OC44s, some RCAs)

Post by freddy_von »

This is amazing! :badlove:
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Re: Transistor porn (OC81Ds, OC44s, some RCAs)

Post by walkingtiger »

:hyper: Dayuuuum
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Re: Transistor porn (OC81Ds, OC44s, some RCAs)

Post by windjamma »

:freakout: :freakout: :freakout: Amazing find.
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Re: Transistor porn (OC81Ds, OC44s, some RCAs)

Post by 5E3 »

whoa! I would love to buy some of that....
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Re: Transistor porn (OC81Ds, OC44s, some RCAs)

Post by moby »

More Germaniums - I know this should be a separate posting (sorry, OP) but for some odd reason I am unable to do so. Will trade 50 pcs for a few STTC137 tips for my Metcal soldering iron.
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2SA52.jpg (282.16 KiB) Viewed 2452 times
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Re: Transistor porn (OC81Ds, OC44s, some RCAs)

Post by Distorterhaus »

Awesome collection, any chance you’re still selling any of these parts? Would love buy what you have left.
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