Correct OC75 hFE reading for a Marshall SupaFuzz?

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Correct OC75 hFE reading for a Marshall SupaFuzz?

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Hey guys, long time lurker.

This particular SupaFuzz has long haunted me. It doesn't seem to be intense as some of the others I've heard or the Tonebender Mk II.

I'd like to try a capture the sound and a couple of questions.

1) I have a bunch of NOS OC75s with gains ranging from low 60s hFE to low 100s hFE. Leakages range from 20 mA to around 60mA per my Peak DCA55. What would be the optimal gains to use?

2) What would best gain order to arrange them? Low to high? High to low? Mixed?

3) Since the one in the video seems to be less "intense", would lower gain transistors be the way to go?

Thanks in advance for the help!
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