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Re: Savage Henry

Post by The Captain »

It will happen. :party:
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Post by molokaio »

that's great, cos henry is a killer pedal. I'm using it more and more! It's got a stable place on my board now! :crackjam:
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Re: Savage Henry

Post by jetofuj »

The Captain wrote:It will happen. :party:
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Re: Savage Henry

Post by 1bottlerocket »

:party: is right!!!
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Post by thevibe »

Dudes: There are now 5 Savage Henrys are IN at Downstroke or go to Ebay for special color ones!!!!
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Re: Savage Henry

Post by the_original_mr_nice »

There are still three Savage Henrys on the Downstroke site waiting for loving homes - or is everyone hoping for the white and gold version on ebay ? I have one of the first batch Henrys and can recommend it highly so if you are wavering with finger poised over the buy button then you know you want it :tu:
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Post by jetofuj »

I'd love to get one, not good time though.
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Post by modeerf »

Sweet, scored one! I was wanting to try one of these and here they are. Still going for a white one though...
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Post by edkoppel »

they are really heavy and amazing sounding.
I should by another one... :cthulhu2:
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Re: Savage Henry

Post by T.Glaze »

got mine today from downstroke,
very cool.
savage henry>flesh head is ridiculous good.
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