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slomatic wrote:FINALLY got the busted screw out of the Ge meat, so I've whipped out the dead battery and it's ready to rock.......... Once I get some replacement screws, as I lost ALL of them! I'm really not worthy. Still, there's always the duck tape solution.......'if you can't duck it, fuck it!'
How did you get the screw out? :zombiehuh:

You must be pretty psyched!
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I really am. A combination of very high quality screwdrivers and surgical gloves!! It's such a great box, itching to gig it again.

I was once offered $1500 for it, still glad I kept the sucker.
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redeyeflight wrote:Note to the captain: please bring back the psychedelic paint job on the meathead!!! :drool2: :ztongue:
+1 to this

I'd love to hear how a germanium meathead would sound :badlove:
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Re: Germanium Meat

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:heandsup: Germanium Meat Head on ebay :heandsup: ... 5d5d1cd723

*Not mine
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Re: Germanium Meat

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Let the games begin. But it now was $1050
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