FZ-673 ???

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dazed and confused
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Re: FZ-673 ???

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Looks cool, huh :marx:
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Re: Re:

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stopmaykinsense wrote:
Funky Druid wrote:Maybe... but Captain few weeks ago said that will be:
The Captain wrote:
chetz wrote:Please tell me there is something different about the new greasebox that will not kill the value and what I spent to aquire my "one off." :choke:
Different graphics, different construction, different hardware, different shit. One off Grease Boxes are still magic beans :tu:

Good point! :tu: But I'm pretty sure only Joe is offering teh Grease Box, and again, Anthony mentioned something blue coming up.....
Talking of Grease Boxes any idea what the new ones are like?
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Funky Druid
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Re: Re:

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imsilly wrote:Talking of Grease Boxes any idea what the new ones are like?
Nope... But I cannot wait :popcorn:
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Post by tigerdriver »

Um...please put me on the list?
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Post by mjkk »

Nasty shit goin on..
"Yes I remember a brave guy named Roger dancing around musicians and cleaning their shoes. Occasionally we gave him our broken pedals for repair to get peace for some hours."
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Re: FZ-673 ???

Post by Laundromat »

Shat yer box?
Condolences, the bums lost!
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Re: FZ-673 ???

Post by controller700 »

no matter what - put me on that list!! :smashed:
I don't know what the hell it does, but it's definitely doing it!!
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Post by nicocaster »

If there will be a list..I want to be on that list too!! :headbanger:
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Post by emanux »

I want to be on the list too...:)
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Mr. Min T. Fresh
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Oh that pedal.....it is the DAM delay, flanger, Filter, wah, chorus, fuzz that Dave has been working on.......

Looks charp
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