FZ-673 ???

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Mr. Min T. Fresh wrote:Oh that pedal.....it is the DAM delay, flanger, Filter, wah, chorus, fuzz that Dave has been working on.......

Looks charp
:hihi: thought it´s the new D*A*M Amp...
I don't know what the hell it does, but it's definitely doing it!!
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Mr. Min T. Fresh
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Shhhh....you were not supposed to say anything
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Me want
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Re: FZ-673 ???

Post by superfuzz »

Oooo the little tinker putting honey on our lips !

Like the idea of something time based delay,filter,flange

yum yum yes please
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Jim Goad
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Hrm.... One would assume Swell, Filter & Distortion from those snippets of text.

However, I think they're actually Hell, Monster & Destruction. Therefore suggesting that this is a machine for summoning Demons.
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Post by kb892 »

hmmm, i'm seeing the swell & filter but thinking the "tion" is just the end on manifistationz. thinking there's more clues in the model # than anything else 67'... 73'? or not :ztongue:

regardless... put me on that list!!!
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The Captain is making us sweat!
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thems some big ole titties
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erer wrote:thems some big ole titties
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