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The D*A*M Meathead. Established 2004AD. Often imitated, never surpassed. Little box, big idea. Caveman style fuzz tones for killing dinosaurs. Crank it up and hit that switch. Ka-pow! The flavour is thick and raw with a throaty woody bark. Optimum clarity and saturation are delivered with a long syrupy sustain at mountainous volumes. The bass to treble response is perfectly balanced for a heavy but dynamic fuzz tone that will project as well as it can saturate. A most excellently low background noise is achieved through careful transistor selection and biasing which further enforces the Meathead's fluid and articulate sonic capabilities.


Dimensions: 114x64x30mm
Finish: Nylon coated
Power Supply: PP3 battery, 2.1mm DC input
Controls: Dirt (master volume)
Construction: Stripboard
Current transistor selection: 2N3904/BC107B
Inception date: January 2004
Units produced to date: 415